crafted wool pantoffels

Using traditional methods to recreate home shoes that nordic folk have been wearing for decades, our felted wool pantoffels will make you feel like you’ve arrived home in comfort.


sustainable natural wool

Sourced locally and washed in organic soap. Unlike other brands, our wool is not dyed. We only use the natural colours of wool to make our shoes. That’s why there might be some slight variation in colour when you receive your pair to what you see online.

lightweight and strong

Wool is one of the strongest natural fibres available. If you wear a pair of shoes daily, they must be hard-wearing. That’s why we chose natural wool for our home shoes.


Wool contains organic lanolin, a natural wax secreted by the sebaceous glands of wool-bearing animals. This prevents bad smelling feet. Amazing, right? Wool also regulates the temperature of your feet and absorbs moisture. How’s that for a natural product?


Each pair of feltis is hand crafted and takes a day to make by a skilled artisan. Each pair of feltis is made lovingly by hand. That is why our lead times for orders could be a bit longer than other products you normally buy, but we can promise you it’s definitely worth the wait.

why wool?

Wool is amazing! It is warm in winter and cool in summer. Soft and cozy, it’s comfortable against your skin. It’s washable, antibacterial and odor-resistant. Additionally, it’s strong as steel and incredibly flexible to stand up to daily wear.

All this makes wool last longer, which is good for the environment. After wool products run their course, they’re recyclable and, beyond that, they are biodegradable. And of course, the sheep aren’t harmed to harvest the fiber, so each season they grow more wool—making it nature’s ultimate renewable resource.