about us

the felti story

 Felti was born out of love for natural beauty.

Winters can get really cold in Stellenbosch, especially if you stay on a hill with white capped mountains in your back yard. Our founder saw his beautiful wife struggling to keep her feet warm in freezing temperatures during winter. He wanted to provide her with a shoe that was aesthetically beautiful to fit her outward beauty, while still providing the warmth and comfort essential for staying so close to the mountain.

Like all good husbands do, he decided to go on a quest to find a solution. Once he discovered the ancient techniques of what his nordic ancestors made for decades while living in extreme cold climates, he knew this would solve his wife’s cold feet:) It took time and dedication to investigate and rediscover the old techniques of making these shoes and learning the craft of ancient traditions. Once the process was established he was soon able to turn this renewed discovery into a comfy shoe for his wife and a new local business to help others with the same needs.

As a side note, our founder also had winter toes every winter due to the cold. Since wearing felti shoes though, the winter toes has disappeared and so has his wife’s cold feet.

We chose the name felti because the process of creating the shoes is called felting, and the materials we use, wool and leather, originates from the karoo veld. felti binds these two themes together nicely.

 Now felti is a South African owned company who supports the local industry and community by only buying local materials and employing and empowering local people.

We really love producing woollen house shoes that brings style and comfort to South African families.