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felti | 100% wool slippers

The name Felti was derived from the process of “felting”, which we use to make these beautifully light and comfortable slippers. It’s a time consuming process of folding and weaving layer upon layer of wool into one another by hand. The process is so time consuming that each of our amaXhosa craftswomen can barely weave two pairs of shoes in an entire day.

We use only natural products, vegetable tanned leather hides and undyed wool, produced by our local farmers. Each shoe is made up of a 100% wool body that a leather sole is then stitched onto. 

Wool is naturally soft and warm but also breathes, preventing your feet from sweating in our slipper.

Felti is not only about adding abundance of style and comfort to your daily pottering about the house. With millions of unemployed people in South Africa, it’s our mission to create a space in which our amaXhosa craftswomen can support their families in a dignified manner. Not one of our women had any prior knowledge of felting, but through patience and many hours of practice they now are masters of this ancient skill.

So when buying a pair of Felti’s you are not only investing in a beautiful and comfortable pair of slippers, you are also buying into the belief that we can all make a difference, one small step at a time.

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